An Impotent Library Revealed

FeaturedAn Impotent Library Revealed


“Being rich is not about how much money you have or how many homes you own; it’s the freedom to buy any book you want without looking at the price and wondering if you can afford it.”                                                                                                                                                        ― John WatersRole Models

For my first post I feel like I have to get something off my chest…

I admit it. I’m a Bibliotaph… A collector of books. I’m obsessed and I can’t stop. It feels like an illness, a real overwhelming obsession. Am I mad, Doc!?

But, wait a second! Don’t call the doctor – it feels… GREAT!

I love books – books about murder, books about cults, books about jazz or about the occult; books on the décor in dictators’ homes, Weimar-era Berlin, sex in Ancient Rome; books about books, poetry, plays, books for all seasons, a book for each day…


Enough with the Dr Seuss spiel.

I love books. Well, collecting books. And over the past four years I have managed to accumulate around 540 of the buggers. My real trouble is… I’ve barely read any of them! Maybe 50ish in total? That’s not great, is it – an impotent library.

Sure, I dip in and out of the non-fiction and poetry books, but I’ve not seriously sat down and consumed as many as I should have. So I’ve made a list – just a short one – of the top 18 books (poetry not included) which I aim to read this year.

I’m a pretty slow reader and I could blame the internet or the fast modern world which we live in for distracting me and keeping me away from all these glorious books, but I won’t.

I henceforth will strive to read, read, read and gorge on this platter of paperbacks which I have included below.

So, there we are. I’ve been publicly shamed. Now I’m off to read a book.


  • Show Your Work – Austin Kleon
  • Perversion (Ideas in Psychoanalysis) – Claire Pajaczkowska
  • The Art of Creative Thinking – Rod Jenkins
  • Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons – John Carter
  • Ways of Seeing – John Berger
  • Misogynies – Joan Smith
  • Marquis de Sade – David Carter
  • The Victorian Underworld – Kellow Chesney
  • Bob Dylan: Watching The River Flow 1966-1995 – Paul Williams
  • Dictator’s Homes – Peter York
  • Meat is Murder – Mikita Brottman
  • Innocent When You Dream: Tom Waits’ Collected Interviews – Mac Montandon
  • The Odyssey – Homer
  • Writing In Restaurants – David Mamet
  • Chronicles Volume One – Bob Dylan
  • The Labyrinth and Other Stories – Luis Borges
  • The Bloody Chamber – Angela Carter
  • David Cronenberg: Interviews – Serge Grunberg